Jackson Robert Scott is best known for his breakthrough role in the 2017 remake of Stephen King's “It” as the iconic character Georgie. Following his groundbreaking appearance in "It" and “It: Chapter Two” Jackson went on to star in the Netflix series Locke and Key as Bode Locke.  Season 2 is coming out October 2021 and Season 3 in 2022. Jackson also played the role Miles Blume opposite Taylor Shilling (Orange is The New Black) in the film “The Prodigy.”  He even starred in the 2019 Academy Award winning short film, “Skin.” 

With acting as Jackson's true first love, he also enjoys gaming with his friends (look for Jackson’s Twitch and YouTube Streaming channel this Fall) playing soccer, fishing, skiing, and has been studying Mandarin for the past 6 years. Jackson loves hanging on the beaches of Florida each Spring with his family and playing with his dog, Goldie.  

This site is designed to showcase a few of Jackson’s favorite things. We hope you enjoy these items as much as he does. Be safe and have fun. Always. Have. Fun.