I love candles.

What can I say? I love candles. I love the glow and mood that natural light gives off. I think of a time before electricity, when candles and torches were the only light source once the sun went down. Kinda creepy, kinda cool.

I partnered with an amazing candle maker and we came up with a Vanilla Cone scent.The scent is actually spot on. My favorite ice cream is just a simple vanilla scoop on a cone. If you remember Season One of Locke and Key, you saw that when I used the “Anywhere Key” I went straight to the Ice Cream Shop and ordered vanilla on a cone. That wasn’t by accident or coincidence!

The image we came up with was in the Halloween and Dia de los Muertos theme. For Halloween, we put on costumes and pretend we’re someone or something else (the candy is pretty cool too!) How is THAT not fun!? The next two days my family likes to celebrate the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos. The Day of The Dead. A holiday where you celebrate a loved one or loved ones you’ve lost. Candles play a big role in the commemorative altars that are made.  I’m fortunate not to have lost too many people in my young life, which is a blessing.

For the image, I used something close to an image used in one of the films I was in: “The Prodigy.” I added a creepy quote from that movie and then added an inspirational quote from the great Martin Luther King, Jr. about Darkness, Light, and Love. I also hand signed each candle. We only made 200 of these, but we plan to make different candles down the road.

Anyway, if you happen to buy one of these candles or not, please light a candle with me this year for someone you loved and lost. Celebrate their life. Celebrate your life.

With love and appreciation,